Novaya Vesna

Novaya Vesna - The New Spring is a magazine published to highlight the activities of Gorkhy Bhavanam and other Russian Cultural Centres in India as well. This multicolour magazine is published from Trivandrum with the active support of the Russian Centres for Science and Culture in India. Novaya Vesna gives a brief profile about Russia, its culture, art, economic developments etc. The magazine also provides information on Russia's achievements in the field of sports. Every issue of the magazine will carries a one page lesson of the Russian language and a multi-colour page dedicated to children. Translation of Russian fairy tales and a quiz on Russia will be another attraction to the Indian readers.
Pages dedicated to political developments contain information on the important political events in Russia. The editorial board also gives priority to the developments taking place in the Russo-Indian relationship. To make the magazine useful to the readers in the business fields, we reserve two pages for the trade and business news. Our members and readers will get an opportunity to know more about the monthly activities at the Russian Cultural Centres in India, especially Gorkhy Bhavanam.