Drama Club named after Anton Chekhov

The drama club regularly conducts workshops, training programmes, theatre camps and staging dramas. We have already staged famous dramas of Chekhov. Chekhov’s Wood demon, Uncle Vanya, The proposal, The bear etc. have already been staged. We also conduct workshops based on Stanislavsky Theory.

Dramas to be staged in 2013
Dosthoevsky’s THE WHITE NIGHT


Film Club

The Film Club of the Russian Cultural Centre is named after Russia’s Great film maker Sergei Eizenshtein. The Film Club regularely organizes film Festival in various parts of Kerala. Festival of Contemporary Russian Films, War Film Festival, Festival of Russian Films based on classics, Festival of Films based on the works of famous Russian writers etc. are organised in various cities in the State. Weekly regular screenings are organised on Wednesdays at 6-30 pm. We are grateful to our partner Mosfilm Concern, Moscow for providing films.