Activites in 2008


The Russian Cultural Centre, Trivandrum is organising various functions to mark the Year of Russia in India. All the invitations and Backdrops carried the logo of the Year of Russia in India. To begin with a special Calendar and Diary with this logo were released at the Centre in a special function.

Rozhdestvo Celebrations

Sand sculpture making competition was organized by the Russian Cultural Centre exclusively for Russian Tourists at the Udaya Samudra Beach on 7 January as part of the Christmas Day Celebrations. 12 families from Moscow and St. Peters Burg participated. They made sculptures of Churches and Icons on the beach by using sand. Jury led by artist Radhakrishnan.S valued the sculptures. The winners were announced the same day and prizes were distributed by Mr.Rajagopal, Director, Udaya Samudra Beach Resorts.
As usual, highlighting the importance of Russian Orthodox Christmas and its role in the contemporary Russian Society, an Exhibition of photographs was organized at the Roerich Art Gallery. The Exhibition was inaugurated on 5th and went on till 10 January. Morethan 35 photographs reflecting the spiritual life of Orthodox Christians in Russia, Rituals, Celebrations, Churches and Icons were exhibited. The Art Gallery was open to the public from 10 a.m to 5 p.m Discussion on Inter religious co-opeation in strengthening the relation between Russia and India was held on 6th January.
125th Birth Anniversary of Alexei Tolstoy
To mark the 125th Birth Anniversary of Alexei Tolstoy, Exhibition of his Books was organized on 8th January. The Speakers Forum meeting discussed the comparative study of the Tolstoys in Russia- Alexei Tolstoy and Leo Tolstoy.
Anniversary of Indo-Russian Youth Club
An evening dedicated to Russian Choir Music and Indian Dance was held at the Centre on 19 January to mark the anniversary of Indo-Russian Youth Club. The Concert was dedicated to the Year of Russia in India and led by Rincy Venu.

Exhibition of photographs of the Moscow State University
An exhibition of photographs reflecting the architectural beauty of the Moscow State University was held on 25th January to mark its Anniversary.
Exhibition of paintings by Nikolay Shapliko and Ekitirina Sorokina
The first painting Exhibition dedicated to the Year of Russia in India was held in the last week of January. The Exhibition of the paintings by Nikolay Shapliko and Ekitirina Sorokina was held at the Roerich Art Gallery from 27 to 30 January from 10 am to 5 pm. This couple has been painting together on a single canvas for more than 2 decades." There must be a male and female to give birth to a child and these paintings are our children" they said during the inaugural ceremony of the Exhibition. The paintings showcased the relationship between the human being and nature and the presence of nature within the human being. More than 40 paintings were exhibited and attended by good number of Art Lovers including the Minister for Cultural Affairs and Education, Governmentof Kerala, Mr. M.A.Baby.
Poetry Reading Competition
Poetry reading competition in Russian was held on 29th January for the Russian language students. This was organised connection with the anniversary of Anniversary of Alexander Pushkin.


Photographs on Russia's achievements in Civil Aviation
28 photographs showing Russia's achievements in Civil Aviation were exhibited at the Art Gallery on 9th February to mark the Russian Civil Aviation Day. Photographs of Russian Aircrafts like Illusion, Tupolov, Antonov etc. were included in the exhibition. Photographs of different Airports in Russia and Airoflot Aircrafts were also exhibited.
Video show on Anna Pavlova
A video show on Anna Pavlova a was organized on 12th February to mark the Birth Anniversary of the Great Ballet Dancer.
Piano concert
Piano concert by the 6th grade Students of the Centre was held at the Centre as part of the Year of Russia in India. The Concert was organsed on 12th February.
Fatherland's Defense Day Celebrations
Another Exhibition was held at the Russian Cultural Centre in connection with the Fatherland's Defense Day Celebrations. Photographs reflecting Russia's Military were on display from 26th to 29th February. Photographs of the State -of- the- Art Fighter like Mig, Sukhoi, Submarines and Army tanks were on display.
This exhibition showcased the Military power of the Former USSR and the Russian Federation. The photo exhibition was open to Public from10 am to 5 p.m
Film Show
Film Ballad of Soldier was screened on 27th February.


Video film Chailka Video film Chailka was screened on 6th March for the Russian Language students.
International Women's Day Celebrations
As part of the Year of Russia in India this year's International Women's Day was celebrated in a grand innovative way . 15 Russian ladies representing different walks of life interacted with 15 Indian ladies like doctors, writers, Television anchors, journalists etc. The function was jointly chaired by Ms.Natalia Pomel from Moscow and writer Ms.Sudha Warrier from India. All the women participants were welcomed by men with pink roses. Women who participated in the meeting as well as who formed the major percentage of the audience sat while all men stood and watched the progrmme. Women from Russia explained the way the Women's Day Celebrations take place there. They said" at work and home all men bring flowers and gifts. Men cook dishes for women and organize get together of families to show respect to women.
While the meeting was going on Artist Ebi Joseph was portraying one Indian lady and one Russian lady . This live portrait painting also took place on the stage.
Russian Post Card exhibition
To mark the Russian Post Card exhibition of ore than 500 post cards was held at the Art Gallery on 13th March.
Workshop on Stanislavskiy ad Chekhov in connection with World Theatre Day
A 3-day long Theatre workshop on Stanislavskiy Theory and Anton Chekhov's role in promoting Theatre activates in Russia was organized by the Russian Cultural Centre. The workshop was organized in connection with the World Theatre Day and also as part of the Year of Russia in India Celebrations. The workshop was conducted in association with Abhinaya Theatre Research Group, Trivandrum.
More than 20 theatre enthusiasts participated in the workshop. Mr.D.Raghuthaman, eminent theatre activist was the camp Director. He gave importance to the Realistic approach of Konstantin Stanislavskiy while taking class. First he created the actor in a participant. Then the actor was given a character and he was asked to enact. All the participants were given independent role. After that at the end of the camp a situation was created to link the relationship between the these characters. The workshop helped the participants to know about the Stanislavskiy Theory - man turns to actor and then the actor turns to character.
The workshop was held from 25 to 27 March 2008 from 10 am to 5 pm at the Russian Cultural Centre's Art Gallery.
Meeting of the delegation from Irkusk with the Chief Secretary of Kerala
The delegation led by Mr. Dimitry Avdeev, Chief of Governor's Administration of Irkusk met the Chief Secretary of Kerala Mr.P.J.Thomas IAS on 28th March 2008 at 1130 am. From Kerala side Mr.T.Balakrishnan IAS, Principal Secretary, Industries and Mr. Tom Jose IAS, Principal Secretary, Public Works(Roads) were also present.
To begin with Mr.Avdeev briefed the geographical and historical importance of Irkusk. He also highlighted the potential of Irkusk as far as industry, Tourism and higher education points of view are concerned.

1. He said that his oblast would like to establish Sister - State relationship with Kerala especially in the fields of Information Technology, Biotechnology, Tourism, Pharmaceutical sector and food processing etc.
2. Mr. Avdeev expressed his willingness to form a working group to identify the areas of co-operation from Irkusk side.
3. Mr. P.J Thomas said that he would also form a working group after discussing with the higher authority.
4. Both the sides in principle agreed to establish the Sister-City relations, subject to the approval from the Foreign Ministries of both the Countries.
5. Mr. Blakrishnan stresses the importance of giving priority to tourism.
6. Mr. Dimitry Avdeev presented mementoes to the hosts. On behalf of the Governor of Irkusk he presented a 3-D Crystal form of Baikal for the Chief Minister of Kerala.
The delegation also attended the 140th Birth anniversary celebrations organised by the Russian Cultural Centre, Trivandrum. Mr.Avdeev was the Guest of Honour. Mr.Binoy Viswam, Hon'ble Minister for Forest and Housing Govt. of Kerala was the Chief Guest. Noted writer G.N.Panicker delivered the key-note address.The Minister proposed to include Forest and rural development in the protocol of Sister-State relations.

140th Anniversary Celebrations of Maxim Gorky Russian Cultural Centre has adopted a policy of celebrating the Birth anniversary of Russian and Soviet writers as part of the Year of Russia in India Celebrations. 140th Birth Anniversary of Maxim Gorky -the Great Soviet write- was celebrated on 28th March 2008 by organizing a seminar. The function was held at the Centre at 5 p.m. Hon'ble Miister for Forest, Government of Kerala inaugurated the seminar.
In his address Mr. Binoy Viswam said that Gorky often described himself as an impatient writer. His work has played a vital role in the social empowerment of the former USSR.
His literary greatness can be gagged from the novel MOTHER. Literary critics regarded Maxim Gorky's works as mother of all literatures, said the Minister.
Mr. G.N.Panicker, noted writer, delivered the Key-note address. Mr.Dimitry Avdeev, Chief of Governor's Administration of Irkusk region in Russia was the Guest of Honour. Ratheesh C. Nair, Director, Russian Cultural Centre, Trivandrum presided over the Function. Dr.K.Govindan Nair proposed vote of thanks.


Vacation Class
Vacation Class for school children began on 2nd April 2008. We started a 2-month long vacation class in Russian language, Piano, Chess and painting. Special certificate course, Diploma course, Post-diploma course etc. began on the same day. Students started learning Russian right from the alphabet under the guidance of Dr. K.Govindan Nair and Dr. S. Anil Kumar. Mr. Varghese was appointed as the coordinator for painting class and Mr. K.V.B.Menon as the coordinator for Chess and Mr. Madhu for Piano.
Book Exhibition
A Exhibition of Children's books and DVDs was held at the lobby on 2nd April 2008 in connection with the World Children's Book day.
Painting Camp in Mahe dedicated to Russian Novels
As part of the Year of Russia in India celebrations, the Russian Cultural Centre, Trivandrum organized yet another unique function on 4th April 2008. This special function was held at Mahe 600 KM from Trivandrum. A group of 20 artists from different parts of Kerala gathered at the Tagore Municipal Park in Mahe and painted the scenes and characters from their favorite Russian Novels. Since this function took place on the bank of the Mayyzhi river, we titled it as QUIET FLOWS THE DON…AND MAYYAZHI TOO…
Inspector General of Police(North) Mr. SANTHARAM IPS inaugurated the painting camp. In his inaugural address, M.Santharam said Russia is a true friend which stood with India when ever needed. Administrator of Mahe which comes under Pondichery Territory, Mr.Surya Murthy was the Guest of Honour and Ratheesh C. Nair, Director, Russian Cultural Centre presided over the inaugural function. After this inaugural function the artists gathered at the park to give lives to the characters of their favorite Russian novels. Eminent artist Mr.Selvan Meloor was the Camp Director.
The camp was on till 6 p.m and as a result of this, people in Mahe could see 20 beautiful paintings. Most of them were acrylic paintings.
The culmination ceremony was held at 6 pm. Noted artist Mr. Krunakaran inaugurated the Concluding ceremony. Mr. Eby N. Joseph presented the report. Mr.Ratheesh C. Nair gave away certificates to the participants.
Film Stalker
Film Stalker was screened on 4th April 2008 in connection with the Birth Anniversary of Tarkovskiy.
Exhibition of paintings Quiet Flows the Don and Mayyazhi too…
The paintings by the artists, who gathered in Mahe to make paintings as a tribute to the Russian Novelists, were exhibited at the Russian Cultural Centre from 17th to 21st April 2008. This exhibition was organized in connection with the Year of Russia in India celebrations. Most of the paintings reflected scenes from Dostoevsky's novels like Crime and Punishment, Gambler and An unfortunate incident etc. Mr. Eby N. Joseph and Mr. Pradeep Chokli and Mr. Vasavan were the 3 artists who painted Dosthoevsky. Paintings of scenes from the novels of Maxim Gorky were also exhibited. 2 paintings reflecting the characters of The Mother were included in the Exhibition. Mr.Govindan Kannapuram, and Mr.Sadhu Aliyoor were 2 artists who painted Goky's Charectors. Mr.Joy Chacko's painting reflected an unique blend of scenes from Russian novels and the legendary film Battleship Potemkin. Leo tolstoy's How much land does a man need attracted many art lovers. This was painted by Mr. Madhu Madappally. While Mr. Selvan Meloor painting Anton Chekhov in Yalta and Mr. Sathyanath's Quiet Flows the Don. Mr.K.Sasikumar's portraits of the characters from same novel was also very attractive. Mr. Ponnyan Chandran's painting on Bondage of Russian and Indian Literary works and Mrs.Ponmony Thomas's toy train from Tolstoy's Anna Karenina were also exhibited.
Renowned Film actor Mr. Nedumudi Venu inaugurated the Exhibition on 17th April 2008 at 1130 am at the Roerich Art Gallery. The Exhibition was open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm.
Exhibition of photographs
Exhibition of photographs was held on 12th April in connection with the Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's Space Flight.
Russian Film Festival in Thalassery
A 2- Day Russian Film Festival was held at Thalassery one of the northern cities of Kerala. The Russian Festival was organized by the Russian Cultural Centre, Trivndrum in association with the Thalassery Little Theatre of Cinema(THALAM). The Film Festival was held on 22nd and 23rd April at the Thalassery Brennan Higher Secondary School Hall. Municipal Chairman of Thlassery, Mr.K.P.Ravindran inaugurated the Film Festival. In his inaugural address, Mr.K.P.Raveendran said that "Films had always played a major role in strengthening the cultural ties between India and Russia." People in Russia accepted RAJ Kapoor, Narghese, Amitabh Bachan etc. as their on actors. Russians are emotional people and they liked the emotional characters of Indians thanks to Indian movies. Sergei Eisenstin and Tarkovskiy are familiar to Indian Film lovers like Adoor Gopalakrishnan or Mrinal Sen. In nut shell films produced in both the countries cemented the relations between India and Russia, said the Municipal Chairman.
Ratheesh C.Nair, Director, Russian Cultural Centre presided over the function. Film personalitie Mr. Pradeep C. and film critic like Mr. K. K. Marar, Mr. P. Haridas etc. spoke on the occasion.
6 films were screened in Thalassery. Battleship Potemkin, Cranes are Flying, Dersu Uzala, Repentance, Island and 72 metres were screened.
Painting Exhibition - tribute to Yuri Roerich
30 paintings by Shibu Shivaram were exhibited at the Russian Cultural Centre lobby from 21st to 25th April. Both acrylic and oil paintings were exhibited.


Nirmala Deshpande Commemoration
Under the auspices of the Russian Cultural Centre and the Indo-Russian Friendship Society, a meeting to commemorate the late Nirmala Deshpande was held at the Russian Cultural Centre on 4th May. Nirmala Deshpande was a true Gandhien who lived fallowing the path of Mahtma Gandhi, said "Mr.T.P.Sreenivasan former permanent Representative of India to the United Nations. " Nirmalaji was also a true promoter of indo-Russian Relationship.
She believed that the relationship between India and Russia was true model for the rest of the world. She always stood for world peace", said Mr.T.P.Sreenivasan. Poet Mr.Perumbuzha Gopalakrishnan, Mr. Palode Ravi, President, Indo-Russian Friendship Society etc. participated in the function. Mr.Ratheesh C. Nair, Director, Russian Cultural Centre officially welcomed the gathering.
Exhibition on Higher Education in Russia
An Exhibition on Higher Education in Russia was held at the Roerich Art Gallery on 7th and 8th May 2008. This was organized in association with Study Abroad Educational Consultancy, Chennai- an organization that represent the Ministry of Public Health of Russia in India. The Exhibition highlighted most of the Medical Institutions in Russia including Moscow Medical Academy, St. Peters Burg Medical Academy , Tver Medical Academy, Volgagrad Medical Academy etc.
Besides Medical Educational Institutions, the visitors got an idea about the Technical Institutes like Moscow Aviation Institute, Tomsk Engineering college etc.
Dy.Director of the Russian cultural Centre, Chennai inaugurated the Exhibition. Mr.Ravi Chandran, Managing Director, Study Abroad was also present.
Free counseling for students was also arranged in connection with the exhibition.

Victory Day Celebrations
May 9- an important day in Soviet history- on this day the Soviet Union won the second World War- the Great victory over fascism. As usual, we celebrated this important day by organizing a photo exhibition titled VILIKAYA POBEDA. More than 40 photographs were exhibited at the Roerich Art Gallery of the Russian Cultural Centre. All these photographs reflected the pathetic scenes from the World War-11. Photographs showing the Moments of Victory, Yalta Convention etc. were also exhibited. The exhibition began on 8 May 2008 and lasted for 5 days. The exhibition was open to public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This year more people came for the photo exhibition compared to last year.
Members of the Indo-Russian Friendship and Cultural Society and Indo-Russian Friendship Society together organized a seminar to mark the Victory Day.
Films Father of a Soldier and Only old men go to combat were screened at the Art Gallery on 8th and 9th May 2008.
305 year Celebrations of St. Peters Burg
A 3-day photo exhibition on St.Peters Burg was held at the Art Gallery on 15th, 16th and 17th of May. This was organized in connection with the 305th anniversary of of St. Peters Burg. 35 photographs reflecting the landscape, architectural beauty of the buildings, Hermitage, Winter palace and summer nights were exhibited.
Day of Slovenian Culture
The Russian Speakers Forum members of the Russian Cultural Centre gathered at the Institute of Russian language and discussed the Slovanian Culture. The talk was held at 5-30 p.m on 23rd May.
Jawaharlal Nehru Commemoration Day
Russian Cultural Centre and Nehru Centre jointly organized a meeting to commemorate the death anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The function was held on 27th May at the Russian Cultural Centre Auditorium. Leader of Opposition in the Kerala Legislative Assembly and the former Chief Minister Mr.Oomman Chandy inaugurated the commemoration meeting Inaugurating the function, Mr.Oomman Chandy said that Nehru was not only the founder of the Modern India but also the Indo-Russian relationship. His policies are still followed. Mr.Chandy also lauded the contribution of Panditji in strengthening the Indo-Russian relations. Dr.George Onakkur and M.M.Hassan etc. spoke on the occasion.
Exhibition of Russian dolls
Exhibition of Russian dolls and Mtrushka took place at the main lobby of the Centre. Dolls in traditional costumes of more than 20 provinces in Russia were included in the exhibition.


Pushkin's Birth Anniversary
Like previous year we celebrated the Birth Anniversary of the legendary Poet of Russia Alexander Pushkin on 6 June. As part of the celebrations, we organized a photo and portrait exhibition at the Roerich Art Gallery from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. The exhibition was highlighted the portraits of the Poet, characters from the poems and drama of Alexander Pushkin.
As part of the celebrations, a discussion on the contribution of Pushkin in the literary world was organized under the auspices of the Russian Speakes' Forum.
Special Russian Language class via Edusat
This year's special Russian Language class via Edusat began on 14th June. Minster for Education and Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala Mr. M.A.Baby inaugurated the special Class. This free Russian language class is meant for the 11th and 12th Class students who took Russian as the second language. Inaugurating the special satellite enabled Russian language class, the Minister said that knowledge of foreign language would always help to know more about the culture of other countries. Knowing the culture of other countries will help the people to know the emotional values of the people of the rest of the world. This would ultimately promote world peace. A language like Russian in which great writers like Tolstoy, Dostoevskiy, Pushkin and Turginev wrote their master pieces should be promoted, said Mr.M.A.Baby. He inaugurated the language class by writing some words in Russian.
Mr.Anwar Sadath, Executive Director, IT @School Project, Under the Department of Higher Education, Government of Kerala, Dr.K.Govindan Nair and Mr. V.R.Ajithkumar, Laison Officer, IT@School(in charge of VICTERS Channel) were also present.
This class was attended by more than 30 students. Live shooting take place with 3 cameras during the class. And the properly edited 30 mnts. Programme is telecast on VICTERS cannel every week. We also have an idea to produce video CDs on the basic learning of Russian language based on this programme
Birth Anniversary of A. Papanov
Film Beloruskiy Vakzal was screened on 15th June to celebrate the birth anniversary of evergreen presence in Russian cinema A. Papanov.
45th Aniiversary of Valentina Tereshkova's Space Flights
Exactly 45 years back Valentina Tereshkova made her first space flight by marking a milestone in the development of Russia's space technology. Under the auspices of the Russian Cultural Centre a 2-day long celebration was organized on 16th and 17th June. A photo exhibition highlighting Russia's achievements in Space Technology , essay writing competition for school children and screening of the documentary CHAIKA were held in connection with the celebrations
Russian Film Festival

As part of the Year of Russia in India celebrations it has been decided to organize a 5 day long mini film festival in every alternate month from June onwards enabling the Russian Film lovers to watch their favorite movies in June, August, October and December. This by monthly programme was inaugurated by famous Film Director Lenin Rajendran. In his inaugural address, Mr. Lenin Rajendran lauded the contribution of Russian Films in developing the 'feel of good cinema'. The entire world witnessed the growth of film industry thanks to the contribution of Russian film makers. From Einstentin to contemporary film maker Alexander Sukharov Russia produced a large number of good movie makers, said Mr.Lenin Rajendran. National Award winning Director Mr.Rajeev Nath and Film critic Mr.M.F.Thomas also spoke on the occasion. Ratheesh C. Nair, Director, Russian Cultural Centre presided over the function. As part 1 the following films were screened from 17 to 20 June: Agony, Repentance, 72metres, Return.
Discussion on the Poetic Style of Anna Achmatova
The Russian Speakers' Forum meeting held on 20th June discussed the poetic style of Anna Achmatova. This was in connection with the birth anniversary of this great Russin poet. Dr. Govindan Nair, Dr. Anil Kumar and Dr. Sam Ebanasir lead the discussion.


150th Anniversary of Moscow Library
In connection with the 150th anniversary of Moscow State Library a reading competition and Exhibition of Russian Books were held under the auspices of the Russian Cultural Centre, Trivandrum on 1st July 2008. The reading competion was organized for + 2 students who learn Russian Language. The text in Russian was given to the students who represented 4 schools in the City.
Dr.Govindan Nair led the programme.In connection with the anniversary celebrations of the Moscow Library,we also organized an one-day long exhibition of books on the 1st July. 150 Russian books( literature, history, fictions, politics etc.)
Exhibition and Film Show on Battle Of Stalingrad Day
An Exhibition of antiques which were used during the second World War was held at the main lobby of the Russian Cultural Centre. Wireless set, lantern, cigar cover, iron box, lock and key etc. of late thirties and beginning of forties were exhibited from 11 July to 14 July 2008. These rare articles were collected by Mr.Sanjeev during his visit to Russia and Central Asian Countries.
Soviet War film Only Old Men go to Combat was screened at the Centre in connection with the Battle of Stalingrad Day.
Face to Face -Exhibition Of Paintings By M.R.Baiju And M.R.Biju
As a tribute Elena Roerich, a painting exhibition highlighting Agni Yoga and Indian Spirituality was organized at the Roerich rt Gallery. Paintings by Twin Brothers artistes M.R.Baiju and M..R..Biju fro Kochi were exhibited to popularize the contribution of a Great lady in developing the artistic talents in a great philosopher and artist- Nikolay Roerich as well as within herself . Her silent influence also helped their children Yuri and Swetoslav Roeichs in developing spiritual and artistic skills.
Noted writer Mr.Paul Zakharia inaugurated the painting Exhibition on 13 July. In his inaugural address, Mr.Zakharia lauded the contribution of the Roerichs in promoting and popularizing Indian Culture and art. "The courageous Edmond Hillary who conquered the Everest was greatly influenced by the beauty of Himalaya that had been reflected on the paintings of the Roerichs" said Mr.Z akharia.
The Exhibition was open to public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and was on till 16 July 2008.
85th Anniversary Of Evgeniy Evthushenko
Under the auspices of the Russian Speakers Forum and the umbrella organization Russian Cultural Centre, a meeting of the Russian Speakers Forum was held on the 3rd Friday -18th July to discuss the contribution of Evgeniy EVTHUSHENKO. Dr. Govindan Nair talked on the poetic and social aspects of this great contemporary Russian Poet. He also maid a brief comparative study on Evthushenko's poetry with the contemporary Malayalam Poetry.
World Chess Day
On 19th and 20th July, In connection with the World Chess Day Celebrations, a 2 Day long Chess tournament was organized by the Russian Cultural Centre in association with the Trivandrum District Chess Association. This Chess tournament was organized in memory of the former Coordinator of the Alekhin Chess Club of the Centre Mr. K.V.B Menon. Dr.G.Kishore, Director, Department of Sports, Government of Kerala inaugurated the Chess Tournament. In his inaugural speech Dr.Kishore appreciated the contribution of the late K.V.B.Menon and the plat form from where he served the Chess loving children of the capital City. "It goes without saying that the Russian Cultural Centre promotes Chess more than any othe organization in the City" said the Director of sports.Mr. Ratheesh C. Nair, Director of the Russian Cultural Centre presided over the function and Mr.C.S.Nair, Secreatary, trivandrum Chess Association welcomed the gathering and players.
Maikovskiy's Birth Anniversary
Exhibition of gramophone records of poets and lyricists of Russia was organized on 20th July in connection with the Birth Anniversary of Maikovskiy.


Birth Anniversary Of Yuri Kazakov
The students of the Pushkin Institute of Russian Language and the members o the Russian Speakers Forum gathered at the Centre to discuss the contribution of Yuri Kazakov in the World Literature. Dr.Anil Kumar and Ms. Rincy Venu spoke on the occasion. The function was held at 5-45 p.m. on 8th August 2008.
Down Memory Line
A photo Exhibition reflecting the milestones in the Russian- Indian Relations was held at the Russian Cultural Centre on 9th August. More than 30 photographs were exhibited. Official visits of the leaders of both the nations and cultural events, co-operation in the fields of Science and Technology, Trade etc. were also reflected in the exhibition. The Exhibition was organized in connection with the anniversary of signing the treaty on peace, friendship and co-operation.
Commemorating Solzhenitsin
The Russian Cultural Centre organized a meeting on 9th August to commemorate the Great Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsin. The meeting was inaugurated by the veteran journalist and writer Mr.B.R.P Bhaskar. Inaugurating the meeting, Mr. B.R.P Bhaskar said Solzhenitsin had spent his life to fight against the exploitation of the system in the society. He had interfered in the social life of the society through his books. Even though he was an unaccepted writer for the Government, his writings had always been present in the hearts of the millions of Russian as well as freedom lovers across the World. He was a blessed writer, because according to his wish he could come back to Moscow and died on the lap of his Mother land. This Nobel laureate was honoured by his own country during the fag end of his life. But Solzhenitsin recognized the development taking place in Russia by accepting this honour, said Mr.B.R.P.Bhskar.
Writer and critic Ms.Sudha Warriar delivered the key-note address. Mr.Ratheesh C. Nair, Director, Russian Cultural Centre welcomed the gathering.
Grinin In Russian Literature
The meeting of the Russian Speakers Forum, which was held on 22 August discussed the literary contribution of the Russian writer Grinin. The meeting was held at 5-30 p.m. at the Pushkin Institute of Russian Language.
Mini Russian Film Fesival As part of the second phase of the Mini Russian Film Festival, The Centre organized a screening of 5 more Russian Films from 27 to 31 August. The first film THE PIANO TEACHER was screened on 27 August. THE RIDER NAMED DEATH was the second film and the screening took place on 28 August. The third film HELLO I AM YOUR AUNTY was screened on 29 August and MOZAR'KO was shown on 30 August. The last film of the second Phase of the Festival was FATE OF A MAN and was screened on 31 August. The Mini Film Festival was attended by a big crowd of film enthusiasts.


Beslan School Tragedy Commemoration
Anniversary of the Beslan School Tragedy. The Centre joined hands with the Abraham Memorial Higher Secondary School to pay homage to school children who where killed by Terrorists in Beslan, RussiaRussian Cultural Centre organized a function on 1st September to commemorate the 4th ann 4 years back. The Beslan school crisis began when a group of armed rebels took more then 1100 people including some 777 children’s hostage on 1 September 2004 at School number 1 in Beslan City. They killed at least 334 hostages. Among them 186 were children.
At the function held at the Russian Cultural Centre, 186 Children from the AMHSS offered floral tribute to the temporary monument that reflected the feelings of a mother begging to protect her children from Terrorism. The function was held at 10.30 am at the Russian Cultural Centre Exhibition of Portraits
Exhibition of Portrait
In connection with the days of Russian literature, a 7 day long exhibition of portraits of Russian legends in the literary world was held at the Roerich Art Gallery. Portraits of Leo Pushkin, Even Turginev, Anton Chekhov etc. where included in the exhibition. The exhibition was open to public from 10 am to 5pm.
Russian Cute Curious Exhibition
2An exhibition of cute curios from Russia was held at the Roerich Art gallery on 7 and 8 September. The pieces displayed included a Russian TAI – 43 army wireless set dating back to 1950, a functional harmonica, a metallic lock which was used in the beginning of the last century an old cigarette holder from St.Peter’sburg. The proud owner of these curios was Mr.Sanjeev Balagopal from Thalassery, Kerala. The exhibition also included an old nut cracker, iron box, Lamp etc. The exhibition was open to public from 10 am to 5pm.
180th Birth Anniversary of Leo Tolstoy
Russian Speakers Forum members and students of the Russian language institute gathered at the Russian Cultural Centre on 9th September to attend a talk on the contribution of Leo Tolstoy in the world of literature. The talk and discussion was followed by the screening by War and Peace-Partner. The second part of the film was screened on 10 September.
World Tourism Day
Like in the previous years, in 2008 also we organized an exhibition of Photographs highlighting the natural beauty and Tourist destinations in Russia. This was organised at the Roerich Art Gallery on 27 September in connection with the World Tourism Day.


World Music Day A special music concert by the students of the Tchaikovskiy music school of the Russian Cultural Centre was held to mark the World Music Day. 13 students who passed Piano examinations by the Trinity College London in different levels played piano before the August audience. The concert lasted 90 minutes. Russian Cultural Fest
Trivandrum City witnessed a grand Cultural Fest by the famous Russian Cultural Group ‘Russkiaya Fierria’. As many as 12 artists from Moscow Presented a 60 minutes Cultural evening before the august audience who gathered at the Co-Bank Towers Auditorium. The Cultural Programme was organized by the Russian Cultural Centre in connection with the year of Russia in India celebrations.
The event took place at 6.45 pm on 5 October. The Cultural group presented not just Russian Classical ballet but ball and folk dances too, for which they were popular Traditional dances of various Russian provinces also found way to the stage at the Co-Bank Towers. Artistes of this group were post graduates from Moscow institute of Choreography. They could virtually establish supremacy in performing contemporary and traditional dances.
The over crowded audience at the Co-Bank Towers enjoyed the Russian Cultural evening. VIPs including Beaurocrats, Politicians, Art Lovers etc. were present in the auditorium to witness the programme.
Winter in Russia
A Photo exhibition ‘Winter in Russia’ was held on 16 and 17 October 2008 at the Roerich Art Gallery. More than 35 photographs, reflecting the natural beauty of the Russian landscapes during winter, were exhibited.
Opening Ceremony of the Honorary Consulate
The Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation was opened at Gorky Bhavanam on 24 October 2008. The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to India H.E.Mr.Vyacheslav Trubnikov opened the Consulate by hoisting the Russian National Flag on the Consulate premises.
The Russian Ambassador was given a traditional welcome at the Honorary Consulate with caparisoned elephant, Mounted Police, Thalappoli, School Band, Kathakali and Chior Music. Director of the Russian Cultural Center Ratheesh C.Nair assumed office of the Honorary Consul on this occasion. Consul General of the Russian Federation in southern India H.E.Mr.Vladislav.V.Antonyuk, Head of the Consular Department of the Russian Embassy Mr.Alexander N.Palchev, Head of the Cultural Department of the Embassy Mr.Fyodor A.Rozovskiy, First Secretary Mr.Vladimir V.Kritsanhov, Head of the Cultural Department of the Russian Consulate in Chennai Mr.Stanislav I.Simakov and the Chief Representative of Sistema in India Mr.Alexander A.Chinyaev were present. Hon’ble Minister for Forest and Housing, Government of Kerala represented the State government.
Speaking at the reception accorded to im followed by the inauguration of the Consulate, H.E.Mr.Vyacheslav I Trubnikov said Ayurveda, Tourism and infrastructures development offered great scope for investment in the State. Stressing the need for sharing of know-how and academic collaboration between Kerala and Russia, he said the Honorary Consulate would be able to play a pivotal role in all these spheres. The Honorary Consul Ratheesh C.Nair delivered the acceptance speech.
Representing the state the Chief Secretary Mr.P.J.Thomas and the Director General of Police Mr.Jacob Punnoose were present. Over 100 dignitaries representing different walks of lives attended the reception. These included Politicians, Writers, Media Personalities, Film Personalities, Renowned Doctors, and Businessmen etc.
Documentary Festival
Three documentaries ‘Heart of Russia’ ‘Russian Museum’ ‘Russian Literary Legends’ were shown on 27, 28 and 29 October. This documentary Festival was held at the mini hall of the centre.


Exhibition - Captain of Earth
In association with the Moscow State Yesinin Museum, we organized an unique exhibition at the Centre. The exhibition titled ‘Captain of Earth’ highlighted the contribution of Alexander Yesinin in world literature especially in poetry. Alexander Yesinin even though he lived only 32
years, wrote poems that attracted the entire world. Yuri Gagarin told that his feelings in the space matched with the lines of Alexander Yesinin. Yesinin also influenced the first women cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, while she was preparing for her space mission.
The exhibition included Posters, Photographs, Books and Manuscripts of Alexander Yesinin. The main attraction of the exhibition was two books kept in a glass globe. These two books were autographed by Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tershkova.
Director of the Moscow State Yesinin Museum Mrs. Swetlana Shetrakova inaugurated the Yesinin exhibition on 8 November 2008. Artistic Directors of the Museum Mrs. Ekitirina Radnovskaya, Mr.Alexander Radnovskiy and Mr.Alexander Shetrakova were also present. The exhibition lasted till 12 December and was open for Public from 10am to 5pm.

Special Chess Tournament To mark the birth Anniversary of the Great Russian Grand Master Alekhin, we conducted a Chess Tournament on 1 November. Mr.C.S.Nair was the Co-ordinator of the tournament and more than 40 members of the Alekhin Chess Club participated Mr.Varma won the Alekhin Trophy.
Fyodor Dosthoevskiy Day
Film ‘Brothers of Karamasov’ was shown at the centre on 11 November to mark the Fyodor Dosthoevskiy Day.
Birth Anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru
In association with the Nehru Centre, we organized a meeting at 10.30am on 14 November to celebrate the birth anniversary of the architect of the Indo Russian relations, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Minister for Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala Mr.M.A.Baby inaugurated the meeting and he recalled the roe played by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in establishing friendly relationship with Russia. Mr.M.M.Hassan presided over the function. Prof. Mrs.Sugathakumari and Writer Dr.George Onakkoor spoke on the occasion. This the 4th time Russian Cultural Centre joined hands with Nehru Centre in organizing function to celebrate Panditji’s Birth Anniversary.
Film Show to mark the 80th Birth Anniversary of Alexei Batalov
Film cranes are flying was screened on 22 November to mark the 80th Birth Anniversary of Alexei Batclov.
Rhythm of Russian Youth.

Department of education and Science, under the ministry of Education of Russian Federation and the Russian Cultural Centre jointly organized a 3 day Russian Youth Festival on 24, 25 and 26 November. Around 40 artists from 10 Russian Universities arrived the capital city of Kerala to present Russian Cultural Fest.
Education and cultural affairs minister, Government of Kerala. Mr.M.A.Baby inaugurated the festival on 24 November at Kanakakunnu Place. The minister was given a warn welcome at the palace by the Russian Students in a traditional Russian way with Bread and salt. Inaugurating the Russian Youth Festival Mr.M.A.Baby pointed out Keralites are deeply influenced by the
Russian art, Culture, Literature and movies. He said that these kind of Cultural exchange programmes would help the young generation to know the culture of other countries. The Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Thiruvananthapuram Mr.Ratheesh C.Nair presided over the function. Head of the Technical Department of Rosohrasa Vania Ms.Olga D.Gimesova spoke on the occasion.
A grand concert in connection with the students Festival was held on 25 November at Tagore Theatre. The concert started at 6.15 P.m. The theatre with a capacity of 1200 seats was overcrowded by 6.20 P.M. Students’ representing 10 Universities in Russia presented a 2- hour cultural programme comprising traditional and contemporary songs and dances. The songs especially ‘Namaskaram Trivandrum’ became a hit after the programme. VIPs including
Ministers attended the programme. Minister for Education and Cultural Affairs Mr.M.A. Baby hosted a dinner for the visiting students’ cultural delegation. All Russian students visited the Government Women’s College, Thiruvananthapuram on 26 November where Indian students presented Cultural forms of Kerala like Kerala Nadanam, Mohiniyattam, Group programmes etc for then. Russian students also performed at the Government Women’s College


Chess Tournament
A state level Chess Tournament was held on 1st December. The Tournament for Botwennik Trophy started at 10 am. More than 60players participated in the Tournament and Minu Surendran won the Tournament and received Botwennik Trophy.
Human Rights Day
10 December was celebrated as the world Human Right Day. A talk on the subject ‘Human Right and Media’ was held at 5 P.M. Mr.K.P.Mohanan, Editor, Asianet inaugurated the Seminar. Mr.M.S.Jayakumar, Director, Jeevan T.V delivered the key-note address.
12th December
Exhibition in connection with the Russian Constitution Day
Exhibition of Russian Flag, coat of Arm etc was held on 12th December in connection with the Constitution Day.