Activites in 2006

In 2006 the Russian Cultural Centre, Thiruvananthapuram celebrated the important dates in the history of USSR / Russia with great importance and in innovative ways. 2006 was celebrated as the Year of Gagarin. This was in connection with the 45th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s First Space Flight. Functions organized to promote Russia’s Art, Culture, Tourism, History and present Scenarios in different regions attracted large crowds. Seminars, Round Table Discussions, Symposia and Workshops on various subjects like Literature, history, etc. were organized in 2006. Important Internationally recognised dates like International Women’s Day, World Tourism Day, World Peace Day, World Music Day etc. were also observed. Awareness campaign for Literacy, Campaign against Terrorism, Narcotics, AIDS etc. also formed parts of our activities. Competitions both in the fields of Art and Culture were regular part of our activities aiming at the promotion of Russia’s culture, scientific achievements, etc. These included Quiz competitions, Elocution competitions, Piano competitions, Essay writing competitions. These competitions inspired the youth in Kerala to learn more about Russia. Exhibitions of Paintings, Russian Dolls, Russian Stamps, Easter Eggs, Russian Coins, Rare Documents etc. were also organized in 2006. 24films were shown in 2006. Literary evenings, discussion of Russian Poetry, contemporary short stories were also conducted at the centre. Besides the monthly Chess Tournament, two State Level Chess Tournaments were also organised at the centre. Scientific Programmes, Exhibitions, Discussions as well as Talk on Trade were held at the Centre. It goes without saying that functions to mark the important days in the history of Indo-Russian relations were organised regularly. Exhibitions on the Strategic Partnership, Photo exhibition on the Russian- Indian summit, Anniversary Celebration of Delhi Declaration are among the few.
Russian Language Institute The Institute of Russian Language named after the Great Russian Poet Alexander Pushkin functions successfully and organises various programmes for the promotion of the Russian Language. 22 regular students attended the Diploma course, Post Diploma Course, Certificate batches at the Language Institute. 10 students passed the Diploma Course, 3 students completed the Certificate course, 7 students finished Post Diploma Course. First time in the world a foreign language was taught through the satellite. The EDUSAT which had been launched by ISRO exclusively for Educational porpoise was first used by Kerala of Government. With the assistance of IT @ School (Department of Education, Government of Kerala) we started teaching Russian language through satellite. Former Prime Minister of Russia H.E.Mr. Sergei Kiriyenko inaugurated this noble venture. In 2007 we plan teach Russian Language to all students of plus one students. In 2006 we continued to promote the Russian language in the sphere of Tourism. This year there was a good flow of tourists group from Russia. The classes are conducted by Prof. K. Govindan Nair, Head of the Pushkin Institute of Russian Language, Russian Cultural Centre, Thiruvananthapuram (Former Head of the Russian Language Department, University of Kerala) and Dr. S. Anil Kumar Ph.D ( Russian).
Tchaikovsky Music School The school is promoting Russian music especially the Classical and Folk Choir music in a successful way. The attraction of the school is the Piano class. Presently we have 38 students for the Piano class. 16 students from the earlier batch appeared for the examination in October conducted by the Trinity – London and 15 passed with high merit. The music school highlights Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov. Students of the Russian Language Institute and music lovers of the Indo – Russian Youth club form the Russian Choir Music. They attend the weekly training programmes and quite often perform at the Russian Cultural Centre. Mr. Madhu who had associated with the former House of Soviet Culture conducts classes.
Alekhin Chess Club The Chess club, named after the famous Russian Grand Master Alekhin, contributes greatly to the promotion of Chess in Kerala, and also create awareness on the role of former USSR and present Russia in the field of Chess.
Open Chess Tournaments were conducted regulerely.
Special chess training programmes were conducted on all Saturdays and Sundays for school children. Mr. K.V.B. Menon is in charge of the Chess Club took special classes.
Besides the monthly District level Chess Tournaments, we organized special tournaments, State Level Tournaments etc. State Chess B tournament for Alekhin Trophy was one such tournament. The tournaments were organised in association with the Thiruvananthapuram District Chess Association.

Chekhov Drama Club Promotion of Russian plays and other theatre-related activities is the main objective of the Checkov Drama Club. In 2006 we organised workshops, Seminars, Performances of Russian Plays. Famous theatre activists in Kerala Mr. D. Raghuthaman and Dr. Ambi were a few among those who took initiative to organise functions under the auspices of the Drama club. We also associated with Abhinaya, Rasika theatre in organising stage performances In association with Abhinaya a meetings and Mime performance were organized to commemorate the first death anniversary of Mr. Ajayan, who actively participated in our activities.

Film Forum Video shows, Film shows etc were organized regularly to commemorate special occasions. Russian War Film Festival in May was organized in association with Kerala State Chalachitra Academy and attracted a good crowd. Talks on the role played by Russian film makers and actors also came under the activities of the Film Forum of the Centre during the year.

Roerich Painting School
This painting school is named after the great son of Russia and adopted son of India Swetoslav Roerich. Painting Camps, cartoon camps, Painting exhibition, Photo exhibition etc. were organised during the year. Painting camps were conducted with the leadership of eminent artists like Mr. Mahendran and Artiste Radhakrishnan The monthly Painting Camps and Painting Exhibitions were conducted at the Art Gallery.

Russian Speakers’ Forum
There were 12 meetings of the members of the Russian Speakers’ Forum during the year. Every third Friday all the members meet at the Russian Cultural Centre and talk on various subjects in Russian. Keralites who live in Russia and come to Trivandrum on leave, Russian officials who visit the centre etc. also participated in the meetings.
The member of the Russian Speakers’ Forum were in the forefront whenever we had Literary Seminars, Book Exhibitions and functions to commemorate Russian Writers. Promotion of contemporary Russian Literature along with Classics was given priority in the literary functions organised during the year.
Inauguration of the Russian e-library at the Russian Cultural Centre in Trivandrum marked yet another milestone in our activities. Now the lovers of the Russian literature can visit our e-library by logging in to .

Indo – Russian Youth Club
Aiming at promoting Russian Culture, Art and Achievements in the sphere of Science and Technology, in 2001, we formed the Indo-Russian Youth Club at different Colleges and Institutions. More members joined the Youth Club in the last two years. The members of the club actively participated in Seminars, Workshops, Camps, Symposia etc. We cannot neglect the contribution of the Indo – Russian Youth Club members in organizing various events.
Reading Room and Library
Regularly we get Russian journals. These journals are kept at the reading room of the Centre. Komsamolskaya Pravda, Russian Mirror, Moscow News, Moscow Today Tomorrow, Russian Science, New Theme etc. are regularly received and made available to the members of the Centre.
Trade Wing
This wing was formed to promote the relations between our two countries in the sphere of Trade, also to provide adequate information on trade inquiries from Russia. Mr. M.B. Sanil Kumar, heads this wing.


A photo exhibition “Roshdestvo” was conducted by Russian Cultural Centre, Trivandrum on 15th January, in connection with the visit of Fr. Merkori-the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church. Inaugurating the exhibition Fr. Merkori started that the co-operation between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Malankara Orthodox Church is getting strengthened. During the Soviet regime, churches in the USSR were either shut down, destroyed or converted into museums. Bishops were exiled to Siberia. Even worship was banned. But after the fall of USSR everyhthing returned. Now believers are getting increased day by day. Both X’mas and Easter are holidays in Russia now-he added. Mr.Dennis Khudresov, 3rd secretary of the Russian Embassy, Mr. Ratheesh.C.Nair, Director of the Russian Cultural Centre etc. were present. The photo exhibition reflects the architectural beauty, rituals of worship and history of the Russian churches. The exhibition concluded on 19th January.
A seminar on Indo-Russian ties in the sphere ‘Rare earth exploration’ was held under the auspices of the Russian Cultural centre, Thiruvananthapuram. H.E.Mr. Vladislav Antonyuk, Consul General of Russia in south India was the chief guest. In his inaugural speech the Consul General assured the cooperation of Russia to develop rare earth metals especially titanium sponge. Titanium sponge is essential for the activities of Indian Space Research Organisation and Hindustan Aeronautics. Russia and Kerala can establish co –operation in the fields of tourism, Education and Ayurveda. Russo-Indian diplomatic ties are getting strengthened year by year. But trade relationship also should be strengthened.
When the first phase of Koodankulam Atomic power station will be completed in 2007, all the South Indian states will be benefited. The project is being constructed with the technical support of Russia. These states will get 2000 MW electricity when the second phase is completed.
The Principal Secretary to the Government of Kerala Mr. T. Balakrishann IAS presided over the function. ‘Now the situation in Kerala is ideal for investment”, he said. The Director of Russian Rare Earth Institute (GIRAMID), Prof. Alexander Illushin, delivered key note address. Representative of (GIRAMID) Dr.Peter Midvedev, MD, Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd, Mr. Rajendran, Director of Russian Cultural Centre Ratheesh C.Nair etc., spoke in the occasion.


The first batch of Russian language in 2006 year began on 15th February. New classes for diploma course and certificate course commenced on this day. The correspondence course also started at the Pushkin institute of Russian Language. The film “Quite flows the Don’ was screened. The 125th death Anniversary of Fyodor Dostoevsky was commemorated on 9th February 2006. A talk On: Dostoevsky’s Novels and its influence on contemporary literature” was organized in connection with the commemoration. Dr.K.Govindan Nair, former Head of the Department of Russian language. University of Kerala delivered the key note address. An exhibition of photographs of Dostoevsky Museums in Russia was also conducted at the Roerich Art Gallery of the centre. Photographs of the rooms, materials etc at the Dostoevsky museum in St.Petersburg were the main attractions.
Exhibition of books by Fyodor Dostoevsky was also conducted in connection with the 125th death anniversary of the Great Russian writer.
On the 11th and 12th February, a photo exhibition and Russian ballet and opera was held. The exhibition was organised in connection with 125th birth anniversary of Anna Pavlova. Photographs of Anna Pavloava were also exhibited.
The well known Russian film “Battleship Potemkin”, rated as on of the best Russian films, was screened on 17th February at Gorky Bhavanam. The film, which depicts a revolt in a battleship named ‘Potemkin’ during the Czar reign, was first screened in 1925. It was shown in connection with the opening of the –e- library at the Russian Cultural Centre.
Dr.K.Ayappa Panikker launched the web site of the –e-library, which provides direct access to the vast resources of the national library at Moscow and St. Peter’s burg. On line editions of Russian news papers, journals and weeklies are also available at the library. Besides theses, it provides access to government links, embassy matters such as visa norms, city administrations in Russia etc.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Panikker said that information technology must be useful to the new generation for creating interest on literature. The Russian literature that enriched the world literature was easily available both in Malayalam and other Indian languages. Today, the new Russian literature is getting alienated to the new generation because of the prevailing circumstances. But it is now possible through e-library to get acquainted with the Russian literature and culture of the present Russia-he added.
Mr. Ayappa Panikar inaugurated the function by giving Mr. Ratheesh. C. Nair, Director of the Russian Cultural Centre, a copy of his own translated work of Mayakovski into Malayalam.
Mr.Perumpadavam Sreedharan, the noted Malayalam novelist, while making the keynote address, said that Russian classical writers are well known to Malayalees just like they know Ulloor, Kumaran Assan and other famous Malayalam writers. C Gowridasan nair, Ratheesh Nair etc spoke in the occasion.


The evening witnessed an unique combination of a poet and an artist, who worked together to reflect their ideas in lines and on canvas. Artist Mr.shibu Natesan pained different images and emotions of women, simultaneously as an accompaniment to the images sung by poet D.Vinayachandran.
As a part of women’s day celebrations, the most celebrated day in the Russian calendar after the New year, Russian Cultural Centre organised an exhibition of photographs on 8th March, featuring Russian Women and traditional attires worn by them.
A Photo exhibition on “Successful Russian women” was also conducted in connection with the World Women’s Day. Photographs of women Politicians, business men, sports personalities, and cosmonauts etc. were exhibited.
A film show ‘Evgeni Onegin’ was organised at the Russian Cultural centre on 20th .
Exhibition of Books on India in Russian Language was held on 25th March 2006.
A piano competition was organised by the centre in connection with the inauguration of a new batch of the Piano class. 10 students of the Tchaikovsky Music School at the Russian Cultural Centre participated in the competition.
In connection with the International Day of Theatre, the Russian Cultural Centre, in association with the Chekhov Drama Club organized a workshop. Participants, mainly students gathered at the Art Gallery of the centre at 10.a.m. Class in the workshop were taken by leading theatre activists in Kerala led by Mr.Raghoothaman. The participants also performed short dramas basically dramatic version of short stories of the Great Russian dramatist Anton Chekkov.



An exhibition of children’s literature published in Russia was held at the lobby of the Russian cultural centre on 2nd April in connection with the international day of children’s literature. Books published by Raduga publication in Moscow were also exhibited. The books especially fairy tales (both in Russian and translated versions) were exhibited.
First in India, a foreign language was began to be taught through satellite. India launched its exclusive satellite for education- Edusat 7 years ago. Gorky bhavanam provides space for VICTERS –A Government of Kerala initiative to conduct educational programme by using Edusat.
In association with VICTERS, Russian Cultural Centre organised Russian language teaching programme. The inauguration of the Russian language via Edusat was held on 9th April 2006; Former Prime Minister of Russian Federation and presently the Chairman of Atomic Commission, students from various cities gathered at Edusat Centers throughout the state attended the inaugural speech. Dr. Sergei kiriyenko said that Russia and India would continue strategic partnership. The co-operation between Russia and India in energy sector would continue and this co-operation was a model for the rest of the world. The best example is the up coming Nuclear Power Project at Koodankulam. Since energy play a major role in converting a developing country into a developed country, the co-operation between our two countries in the sphere of energy was vital. Mr. Kiriyenko added. Mr. Kiriyenko said that Russia had to consider the treaty on Atomic power, being a member of Nuclear supplier group, before considering the direct investment in the atomic sector in India.
“Russia and India have a strong relationship which started centuries back. Both the nations want to strengthen this friendship further and are committed to take the strategic partnership forward. India has a pro-active place in Russia’s foreign policy” said Mr. Sergi Kiriyaenko. He interacted with the Russian Languages students gathered in Kochi and Kozhikode VICTERS centers through Education Satellite. He appreciated the Russian Cultural Centre for its effort to popularise Russian language in south India, especially in Kerala.
H.E.Mr. Vladislav V. Antonyuk, Consul General of Russia in south India , Mr. Staislav, I. Simakov, Vice Consul and Director Russian Cultural Centre, Chennai, Ratheesh C. Nair Russian Cultural Centre, Trivandrum, Dr. K.Govindan Nair spoke on the occasion.

To mark the 45th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s Space Flight functions were organised under the auspices of the Russian cultural centre.
1. Seminar Scientists especially those who represent the sphere of space technology attended the seminar titled’ “Russia- a leading power in space technology”. A powerpoint presentation on Russia’s achievement in the field of space technology was also held. Dr. Soman delivered a talk on “Space for peace”.
2. Photo Exhibition A photo exhibition on Russia’s achievement in space technology, which was held at the Roerich Art Gallery, gave an idea about the dedication of Russian space scientists and cosmonauts, portraits of Russian cosmonauts were also exhibited.
3. Sompetition Essay writing competition on “Influence of space on media’ was conducted by the Russian Cultural Centre. Students from various schools in the city participated
4. Chess Competition A 2day long chess competition was held at the Russian cultural centre for “Gagarin trophy” on 27th & 28th April 2006. The tournament was organised in connection with the 45th anniversary celebration of Yuri Gagarin’s Space expeditions
A photo exhibition on the “history of Russia - India relations” was held at the Roerich Gallery. The exhibition was organised in connection with the 59th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
In connection with the 84th Birth anniversary of the Great Russian film director S.I. Rostoskiy, his popular movies ‘Azori sdes Tihiye’ was shown in the video format.


Three different programmes were blended together to celebrate this day since this day is related to music, literature and science and technology.
7 May is the Radio day
7 may is also the birth day of peter Tchaikovsky
7 may is also the birth day of Rabindranath Tagore
Programme by the members of centre, music school and Pushkin institute were organised in connection with the celebrations. Essay writing competition, piano concert by the music school members and talk on “Role of Radio in the present life” were held at the Russian cultural centre.
Photo exhibition and video show were organised by the Russian cultural centre in connection with the “victory day” celebration. photographs of paintings and posters during the second world war were exhibited. Cruel face of fascism, war front, worries of old people who had lost their sons in the war, moments of victory etc.. were reflected in the photographs.
The video film “Cranes are flying” was screened for the members of the centre.
Narrations of poems of Andrei Vosnisenskiy was organised in connection with the birth anniversary of the great Russian poet. The function was held on 12 may. Video film “I am your aunty” was shown on 25th may in connection with the 64th birth anniversary of internationally renowned Russian movie maker A.A. Kapyatin.
69th birth day of A.S Demynenko was celebrated by the centre by showing his movies “kavkasaya plenitsa”.


The 207th birthday of Alexander Pushkin, the great poet of Russian literature and the 75th birth day of Mr. ONV Kurup, the famous poet of Malayalam was celebrated at the Russian cultural centre on June 4th
Mr.M.A.Baby , the minister for education, who inaugurated the function remarked that matchless poerty that speaks of love and the spirit of independence is what that made both poets great. one can see violent protest aginst autocracy and struggle against unequality in the poetry of both of them - he added. ONV’s poems are those which exist eternally till human race and poetry exists. He succeeded in translating Pushkin’s poems without loosing its meaning, poetical balance and beauty. the harmony between both the poets and the way from Pushkin to onv must be discussed and analysed in detail - he suggested.
The minister presented Mr. ONV Kurup, a citation from the Russian Ambassador. Ms. Tatyana Shishkina, a russian translator, read out some lines from the famous novel in verses “ Eugene onegin’ of Pushkin. After that, poet ONV Kurup recited the translated verse of the same poem in Malayalam.
Mr. Dr. K. Govindan Nair, Rtd. Professor of Dept. of Russian, University of Kerala, Dr. Ratheesh C Nair, Director Russian Cultural Centre were also present in the occasion.
The national day of Russia was observed by the russian cultural centre by hosting a dinner and piano concert.
The function was held at Hotel Mascot. The Piano concert by swetlana Rada shkevich began at 7 pm. important personalities from different walks of life (including politicians, Bureau crats, film personalities, police officers etc) participated.
A photo exhibition was organised at the Russian cultural Centre in connection with the 43 rd Anniversary of Valentina Tereshkova’s space flight. Photgraphs showing the Training programme, Vastok-6, different stages of space flight, celebrations etc were exhibited
A documentary film ‘chaika’ was shown in connection with the celebrations.
Film “Beloe Sveta Pustim”, was screened in conne ction with the 79th birth anniversary of Russian Film Actor B.Y. Motila.
A photo exhibition “Russia today” taken by Mr. Jose Puthukk adan while he visited Moscow and St. peter’s burg, was conducted on 26th June. The exhibition which seeks to hold a mirror to Russia’s natural and architectural splendour was inaugurated by Mr. C, Jayan Babu, Worshipful Mayor of Trivandrum Corporation. Most of the photographs at St. Peters burg were taken after 10pm. As it was white night there, the pictures are bright as midday.
in this address speech, the mayor said that the friendly relations between Russia and India are a model to the whole world. It has contributed immensely to the socio economic and cultural spheres. The architecture of Russian cities and towns is worth emulating - he added.
In connection with the 84th Birth day of popular Russian film actor A papanov, the film Belaruskiy Vakzal was screened on 31st June.


Exhibition of stamps and post cards was held on 13th July in connection with the Russian post day.
An exhibition of about 50 paintings using oil, pastel and acrylic on paper and canvas by Mr. Yejneswaran, was inaugurated by food and civil supplies Minister Mr. C. Divakaran on 16th July 06. Mr. Yejneswaran’s paintings offer a glimpse into a mind disturbed by the gradual decline of a rich culture. He left his paintings ‘untitled’ so that viewers can express their opinion without the constraints of a title. though he has not had formal education in fine arts, he has been attending sunday classes by artist B.D. Dattan.
A poem writing competition for school children was organised in connection with the 93rd birth anniversary of Evgeni evthushenko. the competition was held on 18th July.


A photo exhibition comprising of about 40 photos, depicting the beauty of Hermitage Museum - one of the world famous museums, was conducted at the Roerich Art Gallery , Russian cultural centre on 3rd August. The architectural wonder of the interior and halls of the museum is depicted in these photos. Pictures of some marble statues and famous paintings of the masters of art are also shown.
An exhibition of about 54 paintings by Shibu Shivram, a young artist was conducted at the Roerich Art Gallery, Russian cultural centre on Aug. 8th. These include paintings in oil, water and acrylic media. Through his geometrical figures, the artist seems to communicate with the viewers.
Special meeting of the members of the Centre and Indo - Russian friendship and cultural society was held at the Russian Cultural Centre on 9th August to mark the 35th anniversary of signing the treaty on peace, friendship and co operation between USSR and India.
An 1 day photo exhibition was organised at the main lobby highlighting the co-operation between our two nations after signing the treaty.
Painting exhibition by Mr. Sunil Kumar was held in connection with the 104th birth anniversary of Yuri Roerich.
To mark the day of Russian film on 27th August we screened Tarkovsky’s ‘Zerkola’.
A Photo exhibition of some of the unknown paintings and sculptures of well known artists was inaugurated at the Russian Cultural Centre on 26 th august by Mr. Sergei cherkaz, the deputy head of the Cultural Department of Russian Embassy. pictures of some of the rarest paintings and sculptures including “Maddona with a flower” by Da Vinci, “The return of the Prodigal son” by Rembrandt etc which are preserved in different museums in Russia are shown in this exhibition.


To commemorate the second anniversary of Beslan Tragedy, the russian cultural Centre organised a seminar titled ‘Psychology of Terrorism’ . The seminar was conducted at Hotel Pankaj. Former diplomat and permanent representative of India to the UN Mr. T.P.Sreenivasan inaugurated the seminar. delivering his inaugural address, Mr.T.P. Sreenivasan said that the probability of the out break of nuclear terrorism could not be considered a fiction any more. He said that after the attack on the world trade centre in September 2001, it became clear that even the super power nations were not secure from the suicide attacks carried out by terrrorists. A nation’s security sense changed after the attack on World Trade Centre. America and Europe that saw terrorist activities in such places as in Kashmir and Chechnya as freedom movements, changed their opinion after the attack on the world trade centre . Even the United Nations is thinking that terrorism changed after 9/11.
In spite of this, the World is not in agreement in defining terrorism because of their difference in approach. International co-operation without any reservation is essential to wipe out the menace of terrorism. On the Psychological form, the mindset of the people has to be changed to bring back peace, Sreenivasan suggested. Psychologist Dr. P.M. Mathew vellore also spoke on the occassion. Russian Cultural Centre director Ratheesh.C.Nair said that the Centre would soon publish a book on the Psychology of terrorism
A bifitting tribute to Dr. Ayyappa panicker was organised by the Russian Cultural Centre on 2nd September.

Dr. Ayyappa Panicker, the great poet in Malayalam was also a great fan of Russian literature. He was closely associated with Vasnisensky and Evthushenko, He had translated a collection of Mayakovsky. In 1961, when Yuri Gagarin visited India, Dr. Panikker wrote a poem on the courageous space flight of the man of Earth. Dr. Ayyappa Panikker was also closely associated with the Russian Cultural Centre in Trivandrum. One of his last public functions was the inauguration of the centre’s e-library.
Dr. Ayyappa Panikker never belived in speeches. In line with this, Russian cultural Centre commemorated the poet by organising a befitting function sans speeches the recitation of poems replaced the usual speeches made at similar function.
Kavalam Sreekumar, Kallara Gopan, Arundhathi and Bahvana Radhakrishanan recited as many as 10 of Dr. Panicker’s poems. the session opened with the recital of his last poem . It was none other than his son-in-law Dr. Ananthan recited the poem - Kavalam Sreekumar rendered’Thilahomam’, ‘Maranathinappuram’ and ‘Leningrad’, Arundhathi chose ‘Kuchuppudi’ and ‘Theekayal’, Kallara Gopan rendered “The Gagarin’ and “Gopika Dandakam’ Bhavana Radhakrishanan recited ‘Pakalukal Rathrikal’.
The thampuru sruthi added to the solemness of the evening function that was held in the lawn of the centre.
A photoexhibition on Moscow state University was held at the main lobby. Photographs showing the architectural beauty of the moscow state University was shown The exhibition was organised in connection with the anniversary of the University.
Exhibition dedicated to the 204th anniversary of Minister of foreign affairs of russia was held at the Art Gallery. Photographs of rare documents, exchange, of notes, etc were exhibited. the exhibition lasted for 2 days.
World peace day is observed on September 19 in Russian Cultural Cente, Trivandrum. The day was marked by organising painting and photoexhibition at the Centre. Talk on ‘Role of an united world for promoting peace’ was held in the mini hall.
A 10 day painting exhibition of G-sunikumar was organised by the Centre in connection with the 132 nd birth anniversary of Nikolai Roerich. the exhibition began on 27th September and lasted till the birth anniversary of N. Roerich. Sunil studied sculpture at the college of Fine arts only to develop a passion for drawing. A native of Kovalam he has been drawn to the landscape of the place eversince he moved his pencil. the topography and people are reborn and reinvented in his drawings.
His painting exhibition was a real tribute to Nikolai Roerich, expecially the exhibition was held in the Art Gallary named after his son swetoslav Roerich.
An exhibition of photographs was held at Russian Cultural Centre in connection with the world tourism day. The titile of the exhibition was “Russia - New Tourism destination”. More than 30 photographs showing the natural beauty of russia, landscapes of Russia in all seasons, beautiful buildings, tourist destinations etc. were exhibitied. The details of the international Tourism fair ‘OTDHIH’ were also exhibited.
This day marked a milestone in the activities of the Russian Cultural Centre. After the inauguration of the e-library, now we have entered into the publication of books.
Our first book was released on 28th September. This was the collection of 16 poems on India written by 12 Soviet/Russian poets - The book titled ‘India - through the eyes of Soviet/ Russian poets was translated into Malayalam by poet d. vinayachandran. The function was inaugurated by the minister for cultural affairs Mr. M.A. Baby. Renowned Novelist Dr. Punathil Kunjabdulla released the book by handing over the first copy to poetess Mrs. Rose Mary. Most of the poems are being translated into Malayalam for the first time. The poems are set apart by the sparkling originality with which the poets - most of them state prize winners and famous of their own right - deal with their themes. D. Vinaya chandran, k.P. Moha nan, famous journalist and Ratheesh c. Nair, Director of the Centre also spoke on the occassion.


In association with ‘Vayana’ a seminar on “influence of Russian literature on Malayalam” was organised by Russian Cultural Centre on Ist October 2006. Inaugurating the function, Dr. Sukumar Azheekode said that reading is a preparation of life. Compulsive reading may keep the students away from good books. If good books are made school books, children would read it only for examinations. So reading should be not only for examinations but it should turn to be an attempt to open the doors of life. The best way to love a country is to read its literature - he added.
One can relish nature and culture through books. Mala yalees have the abi lity to capture the literature of different languages. so they accepted russian works of great masters like Tolstoy, Maxim Gorky Sholo khov etc happily. Russian works and folk stories which may develop the mind , must be kno wn to the new generation. Tolstoy has given so many moral stories to the world literature Russian resurrection may be through literature. The first published work that was written by me was ‘Wonder Stories’ of Lenin in 1945- Azheekode said. Mr. T.N. jayachandran, and Dr. Ratheesh C.Nair , Director Russian Cultural Centre spoke on the occassion.
A talk on “Role of friendship Societies in Indo - Russian Relations was organ ised by Russian Cultural Centre on 7th October. It was conducted on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the friends of Soviet Union by Jawaharlal Nehru.
While delivering the talk , Mr. Prakash Karat, the General Secretary of CPM said that the centre should understand the importance of the Shanghai Co operation organisation (SCO) in which russia, china, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc are members and India is an observer , along with Pakistan Iran and Afghanistan. In the new century, nations that are strong in the energy sector would have an upper hand in world affairs.Central Asia is going to be the power centre of energy. So it is for India to decide to strengthen these ties - he suggested.
To help create a multipolar world in this century, a stable and strong friendship between India, Russia and China is necessary. The 21st Century will not be of the US. In the world affairs, Asian countries will have a decisive role - he reiterated.
If the gas pipe line from Iran to India is going to be a reality, then people of India can avail the natural gas by 1/4 of its present cost. Russia have close relation with Iran, in the matter of energy and atomic energy. In these circumstances, the relation with Russia must be strengthened more - he remarked. Mr. Perumpuzha Gopalakrishnan, Mr. Baby Mathew, Mr. K.V.B.Menon, Dr. Ratheesh C.Nair etc spoke on the occassion.
Cartoon and painting exhibition by KVB. Menon was held at the centre in connection with the 132nd birth anniversary of Nikolai Roerich. The exhibition lasted for 2 days.


A painting exhibition titled “Kerala Darshanam” by Mr. Eby. N. Joseph was conducted at Gorky Bhavanam to celebrate the states 50th birthday. It was organised by the Russian Cultural Centre and Global Art foundation.
For the current exhibition, Mr. Eby has brought as many as 39 paintings to Trivandrum. Almost all of them are real reproductions of the nature of Kerala which he painted on the spot . He painted the real kerala lakes, backwaters, forests, forts , water falls, rivers and rivulets, hills mountains, diversified flora and varied Keralite land scapes in an impressionist style.His paintings standout from the ordinary ones. The theme is rendered with vivacity and is having a three dimensional effect. He uses both brush and knife in acrylic medium on canvas. The striking feature of his works are the bold use of brilliant colours and the light and shade techniques which he used very effectively, that gives the picture a rare charm.
Some portraits are also exhibited in the show. He has done a number of ‘live demonstrations’ everyday by portraying some of the eminent persons of the state.
The exhibition was jointly inaugurated by the Minister P.K. Sreemathy and Mr. Vladislav Antonyuk, consul General of the Russian Consulate in South India.
Russian Cultural Centre has organised a photo exhibition of digital inkjet prints and textured fine art paper on 19 November in the Roerich Art Gallery. The exhibition titled “Digital Memories” comprised of 27 images by a city based graphic artist. B. Priyaranjanlal.
His works on show are titled under three themes namely “Hide and seek”, which worked out images of photographs taken in his childhood days. Next one “Priyaranjanlal class IV tries to recreate the artist’s 1979 school drawing book. He has digitalised his drawing book and filled it with colours and forms using computer. In “web clip” the network images of his room which he has shot using a web cam , is shown.
In association with the Nehru Centre, the Russian Cultural Centre organised a seminar. Former minister of Kerala Shri. M.M. Hassan presided over the function. Noted poet Ms. Sugathakumari inaugurated the seminar, Mr. Pandalam Sudhakaran, former minister , Dr. Geroge Onakkoor, writer and critic etc participated in the seminar.

Under the auspices of Russian Cultural Centre, two books, translated from Russian, were released at the Russian Cultural Centre on 22nd , 2006.
Dr. D. Babu Paul released the book “ Oru Saadhakante Sandesham’ the original work of which was done by an unknown Russian Traveller by presenting a copy to P.Govinda Pilla. Writer Perumbadavam Sreedharan released the next one ‘Buddgha Mathavum, Prakritiyum, Manushyanum Tammilulla Aikyavum” which was translated by K. Govindan Nair, former Professor of the Dept. of Russian , University of Kerala, by handing over a copy to T. Damu. This book was translated from a Russian work published by the Lamrim Buddhist Monastery in Siberia.
Swami Shakrananda offered felicitations and Mr. Cherian Eappen presided over the function. Both the books were published by Roy International Children’s Federation.


A painting exhibition of Mr. Alennot was conducted in Gorky Bhavanam on December 4th. it showcases the lessons the artist has imbided in his travels far and wide. The paintings are rich in images - explicit, subtle and hidden. Some of them gives the feeling of looking deep into a time wrap.
About 30 picutres on water colour, oil colour and charcoal are shown in the exhibition, He has been inspired by the celebrated Russian painter Kasimir Malevich, and thus Alennot dedicated this exhibition as “ a prayer for Malevich’s Soul”.
Exhibition of selected photographers of Russian Duma, Kremlin, Flag, national Emblem etc was held on 12 and 13 December. This exhibition was organised in connection with the day of Russian constitution.
In connection with the visit of Metropolitan Kiril, the Head of the Russian Orthodox External church relations. Russian Cultural Centre has organised a photo exhibition at the Russian Cultural Centre. The architectural beauty and style of Russian Churches, the etiquettes and customs of orthodox churches are depicted in the photographs.
Metropolitian Kiril came to India as a representative of Alexei-III the head of the Russian Orthodox church. At Kottayam, he released the malayalam version of the christian classic’Philokalia” He was presented the St. Gregorious award by Catholikos Marthoma Beseliose Didimos -I, in a function at the Malankara Orthodox Theological Seminary. Religions should stand for the human rights - he said in his speech.
The photographs taken during Metropolitian Kirils visit were also included in the exhibition.
A Russian Comedy film “Irony of Fate” was screened at the Russian Cultural Centre auditorium. It was a film which has been showing in the Russian TV Channels at the eve of new year for the last 31 years. It was first exhibited on the midnight of December 31, 1975.
Media Coverage

More than 250 News items/articles were published in the leading English and Malayalam Dailies in Kerala about our activities. Visual media also covered our programmes for the news.