Federal Agency on Affairs of the Commonwealth of Independent States, compatriots, living abroad and international humanitarian cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) was established in September 2008 in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated September 6, 2008,№1315.Russian statesman, diplomat Konstantin Iosifovich Kosachev was appointed as the Head of the Federal Agency on March 5, 2012 (the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on March 5, 2012 № 278).

In the period from 2008 to 2012, the Agency was headed by Farit Mubarakshevich Mukhametshin. The agency functions under to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and is guided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Federal constitutional laws, Federal laws, normative legal acts of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, international agreements, normative legal acts of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Today Rossotrudnichestvo’a is present in 77 countries 59 Russian centers of science and culture, 8 branches (of which 4 in India including inTrivandrum) and 18 representatives of the Federal authority in the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation. Geographically Rossotrudnichestvo covers territory from the United States of America to Japan and from Finland to Argentina. In the near future, along with the opening of new offices and cultural centres, it is planned to have more activities including «regional principle of operation», when a large cultural centre will spread its activity not only in the host country, but also the neighbouring countries, where there is no Russian Cultural Centers.

Priority direction of activity of Rossotrudnichestvo is the Commonwealth of Independent States. Recently the Cultural Centres and Representative offices were opened in Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. In the Mission 2020 plans opening new Centres are given priorities. The Agency is actively cooperating with international and regional organizations established by the Russian Federation.Jointly with Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation and other departments the Agency develops and implements Federal target programs. Rossotrudnichestvo gives priority to organize functions that are based on close interaction with the citizen of Russia.

Today the activities of Rossotrudnichestvo and its agencies abroad are focused on modern Russia, its material and spiritual potential,and internal and external political course of the country. For these purposes the Agency closely cooperates in scientific, cultural, information and humanitarian areas with Russian non-profit non-governmental and religious organizations, with government and non-governmental structures of States-participants of the CIS, other foreign States, with international and regional organizations.

A special direction of activity of Rossotrudnichestvo is the international humanitarian cooperation. The Agency has a real working system of support of the Russian language abroad. It is actively involved for the promotion of Russian educational services and the expansion of cooperation between the educational institutions of the partner countries.The agency pays great attention to the work with graduates of Russian (Soviet) higher educational institutions. Thousands of people, and especially young people, are taught Russian language in foreign offices of Rossotrudnichestvo in many countries of the world. Courses for Russian Language in different levels and examinations/tests are carried out in all Centres. Caring about dissemination of the Russian language, the Agency creates the conditions for its practical application, as well as to get education in the Russian language. Rossotrudnichestvo’s offices abroad contribute greatly in the recruitment of foreign students to the Russian universities and keep in touch with their alumni. There are more than 500 thousand alumni worldwide.

Strategic tool of realization of policy in the field of the Russian language became the Federal target program «Russian language» for 2011-2015. We are co-operating with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. This Program was approved by the Government of Russia (Decree of the dated June 20, 2011. N 492 )and aims to become one of the main activities for the formation of the positive image of the country abroad and support of Russian culture and the Russian language.

An important direction of the activity of the Agency is to work with our compatriots abroad. Public organizations of compatriots actively cooperate with the Russian centres of science and culture, as well as with Russian state institutions in implementation of programs of a humanitarian focus. Jointly with the Russian foreign Ministry, other ministries and departments, administrations of regions of Russia, Rossotrudnichestvo take a direct part in realization of the plans of the Government organization on the Affairs of compatriots living abroad The Agency has taken up the task to the further strengthening of relations with compatriots residing abroad, the promotion of their activities on expansion of cultural, scientific and business cooperation with Russia. An important mechanism for the realization of the assigned tasks Russian centers abroad, which traditionally serve as a link between Russian compatriots , and also for those who have never been ito our country, but wants to know more about Russian history , culture and Russian language. Annually the Russian centres carries out numerous activities with the indispensable participation of compatriots: The Russian centres of science and culture organize various functions for the compatriots /with the active participation of the compatriots.

Rossotrudnichestvo pays great attention to work with young people. Jointly with the Russian foreign Ministrythe Agency prepared the Concept of long-term state program in organising familiarization trips to Russia for promising young representatives of political, business, public and scientific circles, as well as cultural figures of foreign countries.

Rossotrudnichestvo assists the Government in preserving monuments of spiritual culture. Rossotrudnichestvo together with the foreign Ministry of Russia carried out the work on compilation of more than 250 objects having cultural heritage.

The Agency’s activities are dedicated to the promotion of People to People Diplomacy. Rossotrudnichestvo co-operate with various organizations like Foundation «Russkiy Mir», St. Andrew Foundation, the Library-Fund «Russian Abroad», the Russian Fund of culture, the international Council of Russian compatriots, the Union of theatrical figures, the international Union of museums, the international Association of «sister -cities», the Moscow Union of societies of friendship, St. Petersburg Association for international cooperation and many others. In international level Rossotrudnichestvo cooperates with ITAR-TASS, RIA «news», television channel «Russia Today» and TVC, TV company «MIR», radio station «Voice of Russia» and other leading Russian and numerous foreign Russian-language mass media and the publication of compatriots.