Valedictory function of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad celebrations

In his inaugural address Mr.Valsa Raj stressed the role of Soviet Union in changing the history of the World by winning the World War II." More than 2.8 million Soviet people lost their lives in the fight against fascist Germany for protecting their Fatherland. 1.5 Million people were killed or wounded in Stalingrad alone. But the Victory in Stalingrad marked a milestone in the Second World War. The Red Army's patriotism was doubled after the Battle for Stalingrad.That is the main reason why the Russians give importance to this historical moment", said Mr. Valsa Raj. In his address the Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly Mr. K.N.Abdu Kahader said that by celebrating such historical milestones, the present Russia shows the World how best we can make use of the History for building a strong nation through promoting patriotism."For Soviet Union the Victory in the WW-II was not simply a victory over fascism but a victory over the ideology of fascism too", said Mr.K.N.A.Khadar M L A. Mr.C. Paulose John , Member of Kerala State planning Board delivered the Key note address. Mr.Ratheesh C. Nair, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation and Director, Russian Cultural Centre in Trivandrum welcomed the gathering. The meeting was followed by the screening the documentary on the Battle of Stalingrad