Talk on the Russian Cinema –Yesterday and Today

“In the post-revolution era the Soviet Government gave priority to film industry knowing that Cinema was the most popular medium that could communicate with common men. In East Europe and in the former USSR the State owned Film studios actively involved in the production of good films. They also used cinema for promoting patriotism among people. Films made in the back ground of Second World War were classic example for this. But the Film makers never enjoyed freedom to make movies they wanted to make. Andrei Tarkovsky was silently engaged in the search of spirituality. Hence during his later years Tarkovsky was not comfortable in Soviet Union. After the disintegration of Soviet Union at least for 10 years film makers faced problems in making movies. Most of the newly formed countries of the former Soviet Union as well as East European Countries are still facing this crisis. But Russia could survive thanks to Private-Public Partnership and also existence of Great studios like Mosfilm. Now good movies are being made in Russia. Most of the films in Russia today freely reflect the urban life of present Russia through Romance and comedy. Today Russia enjoys a high position in the World Cinema”, said Dr.V.C.Harris. Ratheesh C. Nair, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation and Director, Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Thiruvanathapuram and Mr.Suresh Babu, Co-ordinator of the Film Club at the Centre also spoke on the occasion.