My Favourite Russian Writer

Mr.Prerumbadavam Sreedharan’s most popular novel ORU SANGEERTHANAM POLE is based on Doshoevsky’s life and his love with Anna. The 50th edition has already been released. Mr.Sreedharan said that Doshoevsky is still treated as the most acceptable novelist all over the world because he was a genuine writer. “Dostoevsky never thought of his life. He enjoyed each and every second as he wanted. He behaved like a Bohemian. This resulted in creating good novels. Most of the novels were written out of compulsion. This non-planning helped him to express the views of his feelings. That is why I wrote in my novel that Dostoevsky was a writer in the heart of whom the God marked his signature”, said Mr. Perumbadavam Sreedharan. Prof.Thumbaman Thomas said that even Leo Tolstoy wanted to listen to Crime and Punishment at the time of his Death. Mr.Damu explained how Orthodox Christianity and Bible influenced the Russian writers like Dostoevsky. Dr.Govindan Nair, former Head of the Russian Language Department and present Head of the Pushkin Language Centre at the Russian Cultural Centre in Trivandrum Ratheesh C.Nair spoke on the occasion. The Function was organised in association with Foundation Russkiy Mir.